Auditioning Etiquette For Interviews

An audition is the equivalent of an interview for an actor or an actress. Just like all other forms of interviews, concerned parties should always ensure that they are at their best behavior. Actors should behave well towards both those carrying out the auditions as well as fellow actors and actresses.

IT is important for persons auditioning to always remember that they are not yet superstars. Going into the auditioning room with a ‘know-it-all attitude’ is a recipe for disaster. Such an attitude may shadow the underlying acting talent of an individual. Yes, the actor or actress may be talented but his or her attitude may cost him or her the role being auditioned for. Actors need to follow instructions to the latter. It is not in their place to give directions in an audition. Even if an actor thinks that things are not being done in the right manner, he or she should not try and dictate the way things should be done.

At One Source Talent we see sometimes that an actor or actress will be stopped in his or her tracks before finishing the audition piece. It is no secret that this marks the end of the road for the individual actor or actress. It is however not appropriate for someone auditioning to give a rude remark. The turnout in most auditions is usually quite high and sometimes the judges are simply trying to save on the time. Again an actor can never know who will be the judge in the next audition. Uttering a rude remark could leave one in bad books with a judge and this would be bad news for the actor in the event that they met at a later audition. The best response when cut short would be “thank you.”

As earlier mentioned, etiquette is important towards both the judges and other actors. It is important to have cordial relations with fellow actors and actresses. This would make it quite easy for actors to work together in the event that they are picked for the film or commercial. Again, even if the individual is not picked in that particular audition, he or she is bound to meet the same actors auditioning in later auditions since this is still their line of work. Actors can get information from fellow actors about an audition that they did not know about. In the event that an actor is not in good terms with others met at an audition, he could miss out on other later auditions.

Actors need to look the part when going for an audition. There is no question about this. However, it would not be appropriate for an actor to leave his or her home dressed in the auditioning costume. For example, auditioning for the role of a homeless person does not give the actor or actress the green light to leave his or her home in tatters. One should carry the costume and only wear it when going in for the audition. These are just a few etiquette tips for auditioning for TV, films and commercials. There are many more.

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