Los Angeles TV & Movie Auditions Made Easy

Auditions for roles in movies or TV shows are generally held in major cities as the opportunity is a lot more compared to smaller cities. Cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York are filled with casting agencies which help people get into the entertainment world. Entertainment companies help young talent by providing information on upcoming auditions, you can easily find an entertainment company online by searching “One Source Talent”. Various magazines and newspapers often have job listings in that specific city or in any other major city. Subscribing to these magazines can be beneficial as you can keep a track of the job openings and can apply accordingly. These magazines not only post job openings but also post information about various acting workshops in the city which one can go to in order to gain more knowledge about acting. Nowadays casting agencies have websites set up where people can register in order to receive regular updates about upcoming auditions. Some of these websites require information such as name, photo, age, etc. in order to determine if the candidate is appropriate for the specific job listing. You can even upload your acting clip in order to pass the initial screening via the web.

Getting an audition is the first major step but there are some important steps that have to be taken during the audition in order to get a callback. The first most important thing is to arrive at least 15 minutes early at the location so that all the paperwork can be filled out beforehand without being in a hurry. While waiting ensure that you are not next to people who are auditioning for the same position as nervousness and anxiety can increase drastically. Various relaxation and breathing exercises at this point can release the stress and anxiety. These auditions in Los Angeles usually last for 5 minutes so make sure you have your photographs and a copy of your resume handy while entering the room. Casting directors start judging the candidate right when they walk inside the room. They look for a few important things such as smile, eye contact, body language, etc. Make sure you have a smile when you enter the room as you will feel more confident and it can make the judges feel comfortable. Maintaining eye contact is the most important thing as it shows your confidence. Body language and posture is another important thing that can take you a long way. A still posture is important and make sure you do not cross your arms or play with your fingers while standing. Also ensure that you are the lead and start the conversation instead of expecting them to start the conversation with you. Show them that you are prepared for your monologue or scene. Try to maintain flexibility as casting directors often test candidates by changing the scene. If the audition is being filmed, make sure you look at the camera and not at the judges. After the monologue is over say “thank you” and leave the audition room without asking any questions related to call backs or feedbacks.

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