November 2012 -10 New Reviews in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles over 300 talent where chosen to goto an audition for new Beverly Hills Marketing commercial. The company is an automotive company that focusses on marketing. They are called Beverly Hills Marketing. What they do is get costumers the most value for their vehicles, they have been doing this for the past 5 years.


Another 14 Los Angeles talent have been called to be extras in a brand new music video. This video will be forMarilyn Manson and, or yea, Travis Barker! In this video the talent will be requested to portray zombies. Right now we dont have the ability to give a preview because the song hasn’t been released yet. The Talent shoot took place last Tuesday. All of the actors are super excited for this great opportunity. Make sure you are on the look out for the new music video.

Great news for 11 Los Angeles kids! They have just been selected for “Heather’s Happy Kitchen”. This will be a tv pilot and will be for new kids cooking show. This show will focus on healthy eating for kids and along with proper food preparation. The show will incorporate new music and puppets. All the kids will be shooting the show this week. Dont worry, we will definitely keep you posted. Congrats to our Los Angeles kids!

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